Integration of Zoom and Bitrix24 – How it works

This page provides complete information on connecting and using your zoom account with Bitrix24.


The connection between Zoom and Bitrix24 services is done through our application officially published in the Bitrix24 app Marketplace and approved by Zoom. To set up the connection you need:

  • accounts registered in both systems;
  • being logged in with the highest administrator level permissions in both systems. (Administrator level required only for the installation, later on you won't need it.);
  • if you are using Safari (and some other browsers), you must have Prevent cross-site tracking in Safari on Mac option turned OFF.

Tariffs you have your current accounts on do not matter, the app works on all free and paid plans, although some features (i.e. saving records to the Zoom cloud) depend on paid Zoom plan.


  1. Log in to your Bitrix24 account with Administrator rights.
  2. Click here or Applications link in the left menu in your Bitrix24. You will be taken to the app Marketplace. Search for 'Bitconf'.
  3. Click View, and then Install.


  1. After installation you need to let the app to connect to your Zoom account. Click Connect Zoom button. You will be asked for granting permissions to the app, do it. It will take a couple of seconds for the app to communicate and load data from Zoom.
  2. Once installed the app allows you to do basic things like schedule meetings or get invitation links right in the Bitrix24, without going to Zoom. Some want to automate their funnels or other business scenarios in Bitrix24, so they require to have an option to address them to specific colleagues inside Bitrix24. That is why we provide an option to associate users from both services. To do this, run Bitconf. You will have an Employee sync page. Choose what users correspond themselves in both services, and Save the settings once finished.
  3. Bitconf functions are available in Calendar and in all CRM items – Leads, Deals, Contacts, Companies. If you want to schedule a Zoom meeting for the lead or send a Zoom meeting link (invite) to your customer, just click Bitconf in the menu. You will have options either to create a new meeting, or to invite to any of the existing ones. Should you have had associated users as described in the previous point, it will be easier for you to understand who you appoint your customer to. Choose the meeting required and click Invite button. This will generate an invitation link to that Zoom event and you will see it appeared as a comment in the timeline of the Lead. Copy it from here and send it to a customer through the channels you have in Bitrix24 (text, email, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Viber, Telegram or whatever you have it integrated with). Bitconf can also generate individual invitation links (ie with unique identifiers) that make it easier to track someone's participation in the mass meeting. To generate individual invitation simply click Unique invite button. Please, note that unique invitations work only if you create them from CRM. Invitations from Calendar are not individual, they are common. 
    To create Zoom invitations straight from the Calendar, go to the Bitconf app settings (or ask your portal administrator to do it) and check the box "Automatically create Zoom meeting for every event in Bitrix24 calendar and add invitation link to it". Then go to Calendar, add an Event and save it. Wait for a couple of seconds. This is required because of some Bitrix24 platform limitations. Open the Event, click Description – you will find the link there.
  4. When the link is generated from CRM it is also saved to the special field called "Zoom (BITCONF)", so if you need to use it in business processes or robot automation, please refer to this field. The value of this field is updated automatically every time you select (or create) another Zoom meeting.
  5. In the app Settings you can make it so, that every time a Zoom session is scheduled or selected, an appropriate colleague will have a Meeting automatically created in her/his Bitrix24 Calendar. This option is turned off by default.
  6. On some Zoom tariffs you have an option to record your sessions to the Zoom cloud. If that option was turned on in your meeting settings, Bitconf will automatically add a link to the record to the Bitrix24 CRM, making it more convenient for you to get into details, have a documented reference to what had been discussed, evaluate your colleagues' conversations with customers, enhance your inner customer workflow processes.


  1. To uninstall the Bitconf app, go to Applications, choose Installed and find Bitconf there.
  2. Click Delete button.


If you have any trouble using the app, contact us or Bitrix24 support team. Do not send questions to Zoom.


If you have any question, idea or trouble with our app, email us to We normally reply in 1 hour during any business day, 10.00-19.00 (UTC time zone).